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Hawk CVE Scanner

sample FlockBox Hawk scan results: click for closer view

Our Hawk CVE Scanner is a LAN scanning and security audit service.

Similar to antivirus software (which scans an individual computer's hard drives and reports what it finds), our managed Hawk appliance scans the entire network. Every IP and exposed network port on the LAN (web, mail, file-sharing apps, malware, etc.) is interrogated by Hawk, providing an automatic audit and inventory of all listening devices. Best-guess detection of computers, printers, phones, WiFi APs, routers, PC/Server operating systems and network-accessible software, malware (trojans, worms, etc.) and rogue devices (something that's plugged in but shouldn't be) is performed weekly. Any network vulnerability or security issue is flagged, and all results are reviewed by network security experts, with actionable items being referred to IT staff for further investigation. In-depth reports are provided monthly, or as new security issues are discovered, listing in detail all devices discovered on the network and any CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, or security holes), out-of-date or misconfigured software or other problems that were detected.

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