Linux Consulting

Linux system administration services by FlockBox Advanced Network and Design

Linux is everywhere these days. Got a cellphone? Chances are it runs either Linux or iOS, a UNIX variant and first cousin to Linux. While not as popular on the desktop, Linux servers power most of the Internet. Do you have a router or other network appliance at home or at your office? Probably it too runs Linux or a clone thereof.

Alongside the open-source Linux and BSD operating systems, tens of thousands of software packages and applications are available for free to anyone willing to download and install them. Often the quality, reliability, support and ease of use rivals or exceeds that of traditional proprietary operating systems and software.

At FlockBox, we support Linux and leverage the power of open-source software and programming languages to design solutions to even the toughest problems.

How much does MS Server with 25 CALs cost? Yet Samba is free. And what about Exchange? Or your office PBX? There are other factors to consider when choosing and designing servers and phone systems, but zero software cost is hard to ignore.