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Joey Kelly's Bio

Joey Kelly
FlockBox is my company. After 23 years of documented IT work in Louisiana and around the southeast, I formed a Linux consulting and services company. My resume is here. A glance will tell you that I have been around the IT block a few times, having worked in local shops and in the enterprise. FlockBox is actually my second company, having founded KellyNet Computer Services back in 2003 and closed in 2014.

I am a nuts-and-bolts kind of guy. If given a task, I will take the time to learn the theory and fundamentals before implementing any solution. Thus, when the inevitable happens and something breaks, I'm often able to troubleshoot quickly due to my bottom-up approach. My area of expertise is system administration, networking, security, programming and R&D, all in the Linux domain.

As fas as Linux goes, I have been running Linux as my primary desktop operating system since 2001 or so, and on numerous servers.

For many years I was a system administrator, running servers and various network applications (web, mail, DNS, monitoring, IP phone systems, etc.), but gravitated to programming where I am most comfortable. A recent freelance accomplishment was rewriting an old order-tracking application written in Access that became obsolete when all the office PCs were upgraded to Windows 10. The rewrite was done as a web application using Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl (LAMP) and allows for remote access, something especially useful during hurricane season. Earlier R&D and support work entailed designing a web-based reporting and management portal for AegisLink, a shipboard router I helped design while working for Mid-South Technologies, an oilfield IT services company in Lockport. We placed 70 routers on work boats in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, Africa and the Far East, and I ran the day-to-day support operations for the project.

Any biography of me has to include the fact that I am a preacher of the gospel, serving since the mid-80s as an evangelist. I've done missionary work in Haiti and have maintained a weekly teaching broadcast on a local radio station since 2007.

A web designer I am not (my layout and graphics skills scare kittens), but my personal site is here.